Precision Manufacturing

Product Design at Warp Factor 10

EDM is one of only a handful of companies in the UK capable of machining components made with ultra-hard conductive materials to exceptionally high levels of precision.

F1, which EDM Managing Director Paul Waldron describes as “product design at warp factor 10”, certainly makes up a large percentage of the company’s output.

He comments: “Innovation and product design is in every business but in F1 it is incredibly fast and is continuous week after week after week. The F1 teams therefore need a really good supply chain and we’re proud to be a key part of that. It’s prestigious to be in it but not everybody can do it.

“We’ve worked with F1 for the last 22 years (these include title-winning teams) so we’ve developed a business model that can respond to the demands and to the quality standards required.”

Waldron concludes: “We’ve worked hard to get a good reputation and it is massively important to us, as all our work comes from referrals. We are delighted that we can stay busy by working for a variety of high-performance industries and being at Silverstone only reinforces that.”